downtownfrombehind (DFB) is a photographic series capturing subjects riding their bike from behind on some 200+ streets, avenues and lanes below 14th street in New York City.

The result is an environmental portrait for each street and subject with a goal to highlight a set of individuals, emerging and established, each uniquely contributing; culturally, socially and physically, to make this part of the city what it is today.

The project has been widely covered in the press, from New York Times, Huffington Post, Coolhunting, Vogue, Nylon Magazine and many blogs (thankyou).

Subjects photographed to date include industrial designers, architects, creative directors, restauranteurs, entrepreneurs, hoteliers, artists and academics.


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FABIO NOVEMBRE for downtownfrombehind.

FABIO NOVEMBRE, Architect and Designer photographed during the Salone Del Mobile in Milan for downtownfrombehind.

Fabio Novembre, Architect, Designer, “Amateur”. (Fabio) ‘I don’t consider myself a professional, I consider myself an amateur. “Amateur,” in Italian, is dilettante, which means diletto. “Diletto” means having fun.’  Photographed leaving his Milan studio for downtownfrombehind.  

More images from Salone Del Mobile via   DFB.


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